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London & Manila

— MRes Art: Theory & Philosophy, Central Saint Martins





Editorial design & illustration

CNN Philippines Life
Esquire Philippines
Rogue Magazine

Book design

A Waiting Room Companion

The First Impulse

Cupid’s Rage

Taming People’s Power


Don’t Forget, Clementine

Bones Like Snowflakes

Winter Quay/Summer Blankets


“There’s something really funny about our music, because it’s often so heart-on-your-sleeve, a little bit. We know how that can be embarrassing. We’re just not worried about embarrassing ourselves anymore.” ¹ The album is an intimation of loss, self-destruction, and the possibility of redemption. ² It’s a song for when life gets too heavy, and you need a song you can sink into — just for four minutes — so you don’t drown inside yourself. ³ 

Solo exhibit — West Gallery

Excavations from the End of the World

First solo exhibit featuring 12 assemblages. I sought to recreate an archaeological experience one might possibly have, surviving the end of the world. The result is a mixture of little stories all laid out in boxes.

Excavations from the End of the World 6 — 31 December 2011
Documentation by Luis Santos

— exhibit invite

— Tiger got to hunt;
Bird got to fly

— Poo-Tee-Weet 

— Neither of Us

— But Nobody Searches

— As Long As You Look Faraway

— As Long As You Look Removed

— “And Everyone Will Go Except Me”

— The Harmless Untruths
— See the Cat? See the Cradle?

— “Each Descending Peak”

— Nothing in this book is true
— Peculiar Travel Suggestions

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